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Orion X160 / Orion X288rion X160 / Orion X288

DVI / USB 2.0 KVM Switch
Crosspoint Router
Multiplex Repeater



  • 288 port KVM Switch, DVI, USB 2.0
  • Supports resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz
  • Extend KVM stations / CPUs up to 450' over CATx cable, 33,000' over fiber
  • CATx and fiber

he Orion X offers new and unique features that make it one of the most versatile and powerful products available. Video sources running at the same resolution can be switched instantly with no delay or blanking which makes it ideal for command centers, broadcast applications, financial institutions, and many more.

The Orion X160 is available with up to 160 I/O ports while the Orion X288 is available with up to 288 ports.  The uniqueness of these ports is that they can be either an input port or an output port. These I/O ports automatically configure to an input or an output port depending on whether a Transmitter or Receiver unit is connected to it. This feature allows you to set-up the Orion X to match your system. If you have 10 users and 100 computers, it can be set-up for 100 inputs and 10 outputs. Any system configuration where the inputs plus the outputs equals 288 or less can be accommodated.

Most systems are configured for either CATx connectors or fiber and both the inputs and outputs must match. The Orion X allows you to mix or match cable types. If you have a computer system 5 miles away, it can be connected to the Orion X via singlemode fiber cable. The user station might be 20 feet away and this can be connected using industry standard CATx cable, greatly reducing the installation cost.

Transmitters and receivers consist of a main card and one of seven optional cards


- Extend your KVM stations and computers:

  • Up to 33,000' (10Km) using singlemode fiber cable
  • Up to 1,300' (400m) using multimode fiber cable
  • Up to 450' (140m) using CATx cable

- Supports resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz and all DVI SingleLink resolutions including High- Definition 1080p
- Intuitive OSD for easy use and configuration at each user station
- Signal input to the Orion X can be via CATx or Fiber cable; Signal output from the Orion X can be via CATx or Fiber cable. You can mix or match cable types depending on the transmitter and receiver extender configuration.
- Each port on the Orion X will automatically be configured as an input or output depending on the type of extender that is connected. If a transmitter is connected, the port becomes an input. If a receiver is connected, the port becomes an output.
- Scalable chassis allows you to add additional I/O cards as your system grows
(additional cards in increments of 8 ports)
- Switch video sources of the same resolution instantly with no delay or display blanking
- Available options:

  • DVI or VGA input
  • Transparent USB 2.0
  • Serial
  • Analog or Digital audio
  • Redundant PSU

- Rack mountable (19” / 9U)


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